May 23, 2024

Gen-Gap Crossover 跨越代溝 (3/9/2024)

NCCBA Leadership Conference 2024

3/9/2024 9AM-2:30PM

Crosspoint Church (658 Gibraltar Ct, Milpitas, CA 950355)

Registration Fee: $25 (including lunch)

Plenary Speakers:

  • Rev. Benny Wong (Chinese plenary and Message)
  • Rev. Port Wilburn (English plenary)

Workshop Speakers:

  • Rev. Joe Sun (Mandarin workshop)
  • Dr. Melvin Wong (English and Cantonese workshops)
  • Mrs. Marshelle Wilburn (English workshop)

Program (Tentative):

9:00AMCoffee & Bagel
9:30AMPlenary: 跨越代溝 (Rev. Benny Wong; Cantonese with Mandarin translation)Workshop 1: Conflict Resolution & Psychological Principles of Negotiation (Dr. Melvin Wong)   Workshop 2:  Preparing the Youths to Understand LGBTQ Issues (Mrs. Marshelle Wilburn)
10:45AMRecess Teatime
11:00AMWorkshop 3: 衝突解決與談判的心理學原則 (Dr. Melvin Wong)Workshop 4: 家庭與教會在新一代教育的配搭 (Rev. Joe Sun)Plenary: Gen-Gap Crossover (Rev. Port Wilburn)
1:30PMNCCBA Annual Meeting: Songs
1:40PMNCCBA Business Report
1:50-2:25PMMessage (Rev. Benny Wong, English with Mandarin translation)
2:25PMClosing Prayer

Please mark it on your calendar. Registration link coming soon!