June 12, 2024

Synopsis of Workshops

Workshop 1: “Text-Driven Preaching” (English and Mandarin)

Dr. David Allen

Workshop 1A “Text-Driven Preaching” Part I
This is the first of a two-part Workshop and will focus on the WHAT of Text-Driven Preaching. This session will cover the definition of Text-Driven Preaching and how it stays true to the Substance, Structure and Spirit of the text. It is strongly recommended that those who attend Part 1 should also attend Part 2.
Workshop 1B “Text-Driven Preaching” Part II
In this second of a two-part Workshop, the coach himself will use Hebrews 12:1-3 as an example of how to write and preach a text-driven sermon, like what he does in his preaching throughout this Conference

Workshop 2 and 6: Healing Heart Wounds – How the Church can Help (English and Mandarin)

Missionary Carol McCort

This session is an overview of a ministry that addresses the wounds of the heart, helps those
who suffer find comfort in Christ and equips the church to bring healing to a broken
world. Managed by the American Bible Society, and available in over 150 languages, this
ministry is based on the Bible and best mental health principles. Come learn how your church
can get started in this ministry and hear about resources available in English and Chinese.
Ms. Carol is an IMB missionary who has served with her husband in Asia for over 25 years and is a facilitator of trauma healing groups in both Mandarin and English.

Workshop 3: “Overcoming Obstacles to Growth in the Church”

Pastor Larry Tong (Cantonese) Pastor Abraham Chiu (Mandarin)

One of the most serious needs of the church post pandemic is the question of how we can grow
the church again. This workshop will help you explore some of those obstacles to that growth,
a chance to ask questions and discover the way forward.

Workshop 5: “Generational Partnership: A Way Forward” (English to Mandarin)

Pastor Terrence Shay

The traditional Chinese church has been a spiritual anchor and community blessing. The future
is now to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders. Pastor Terrence Shay, raised in and
called to the immigrant church context, will present biblical, cultural, and practical insights that
point to a deliberate way forward for your church families. Q & A Panel at the end.

Workshop 7: “Multiplication Pipeline for Developing Leaders” (Cantonese)

Pastor Jeremy Sin

Who will be the servant leaders for your church and for His kingdom in the next 5, 10 years? In
this workshop we will cover the key components of preparing one to serve with a heart on
mission. We will also we discuss different approaches of raising up leaders and introduce the
coaching method. Participants will have overview of the “Multiplication Pipeline” materials
by the North American Mission Board.

Workshop 8: “Current Legal Issues Facing California Churches” (English)

Charlie Cutler

With the passing of AB506 by California State legislators, churches are subject to rules that are
different from what most ministries are faced with in the past. In this workshop, you will learn
about new background checks, specific training, and policies that must be in place if your
church has a ministry to children and youths. You will leave this workshop with step-by-step
guidance on these new requirements, model policies, and free access to training resources
provided by ChurchWest and the California Southern Baptist Convention. What happens in
California will not stay in California. Prepare for the new normal Now!