April 19, 2024

聯手禱告 Prayer Link 10-16-2017

Pray for the Local Planning Committee for the 20th Biennial Conference drawn from Pastors in the Greater Los Angeles area. The Conference will be held on board the Carnival Inspiration sailing to Ensenada, Mexico, September 24-28 2018. Praise God that Dr. Daniel Block who has accepted the invitation to be our Keynote Speaker. Dr. Block is Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, Chicago whose delight is to see students passionate about the Old Testament and to preach and teach from it. The suggested theme of the Conference is “Excel to Serve”. The goal of the 20th Biennial Conference is to help participants gain some practical handles that they can take home to assist them in their church ministries. Several Workshops will also be offered including “Financial Planning” with time for personal financial counseling, “Our Baptist Heritage”, “Serving Together Cross-Culturally – Effective Teamwork”, and a “Preaching Workshop with Daniel Block”. Pray for the participants and the willingness to take time off from ministry and work to come.
為由大洛杉磯地區牧師們所組成的第二十屆年會籌備委員會禱告。 會議將於2018年9月24日至28日在航往墨西哥的恩塞納達的嘉年華啟發號郵輪上舉行。 感謝神,我們邀請到Daniel Block博士為今次大會主題的講員。Daniel Block博士是芝加哥惠頓學院 (Wheaton College, Chicago)的舊約教授。 他最大的喜樂就是看到他的學生熱愛學習舊約,而從中教導及指引他人。明年暫定的大會主題是:「更卓越的服事」。 第二十屆年會的目的是幫助參與者能得著一些實際的方法,帶回他們的教會,來幫助他們更有效的服事。還將舉辦幾個研討會包括 “個人財務規劃”及有個人理財諮詢的時間,“浸信會精華”, “跨文化交流 – 有效團隊合作”,和 “講道法研討會”,並請為信徒和牧者可以抽空來參與禱告。

Pray for the Church Planters’ Retreat held in Jackson, Mississippi just ended.  Praise God for the 20 church planters who attended the Retreat this past week. It was a great time of reconnecting, supporting and learning that they can take away with them as they labor for the Lord in their part of God’s vineyard. Praise God for the NAMB staff and others who provided the training. Several regional training retreats will be held next year. Praise God for the 70 churches, bible study mission points, fellowship groups that were started because of the Church Planting initiative started since 2010. Praise God for the people it has reached who would not have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel otherwise. Pray for God to move in our churches to plant churches and fellowship groups to reach out to more people for Him.
讚美神在密西西比州Jackson市舉行的教會植堂退修會剛剛結束。亦為上週參加的20位教牧同工讚美神。他們在這幾天可以放下教㑹的工作同在一起彼此連絡,支持和學習的好機會。讚美神有NAMB同工及其他人員提供培訓。 明年將會舉行幾個地區性的培訓退修會。自2010年起,由於教會植堂計劃而開始有70個教會,查經班及團契。讚美神已接觸了没有機會聽到福音的人,並祈求上帝感動我們的教會去開拓更多的教會和團契去接觸更多未信的人。

Praise God that Joanna Liu is home this week, God willing. Joanna is the 9-year old daughter of Pastor Peter and Lorrisa Liu. She underwent successful brain tumor surgery and had received a course of chemotherapy. Please continue to pray for and her parents and the support they need as they care for her at home the next few weeks until she goes back for another course of chemotherapy after Thanksgiving. Pray also for the ministry of Pastor Peter. He is the Pastor of the Chinese Christian Church of Greater Jackson in Ridgeland, Mississippi. He is also a Vice President of the CBF and has special responsibility for its church planting ministry.
讚美主,劉奇峰牧師師母的九歲女兒Joanna 上週已回家休養, 她已接受了成功的腦腫瘤手術,並接受了化療療程。 請繼續為Joanna 的康復和她的父母所需的支持禱告,因為劉牧師師母會一直照顧女兒,直到感恩節後她再回去繼續化療療程。 也請為劉奇峰牧師禱告, 他是密西西比州里奇蘭市大中華基督教會的牧師, 他對教會植堂工作負有特別的負擔,他也是CBF的副㑹長。

Pray for the recovery efforts that are continuing mainly in the Houston area as they are seriously affected by the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Praise God that most Chinese Baptist churches are not seriously affected but some church members living in the path of the floods were impacted and most have yet to return to their homes. (Click here to see Pastor Amos’ reflection of his recent trip to Houston.)
CBF will be raising funds to send gifts to those church families affected by the flooding in Houston in time for Christmas. Pray how the Lord impresses you and your church to give. Letters of appeal will be sent out to pastors and churches in the next weeks. You may give a “cup of warm tea” by sending in your donations to your respective country office addresses.
請為雨洪為患,復原艱巨的居民祈禱,主要是侯斯頓市一帶,經「哈維」颶風豪雨後,受災嚴重。感謝主,華人浸信教會多數避過了這場風災,可是居住在低窪淹水帶的教友弟兄姊妹卻受災嚴重。大部份受災的弟兄姊妹仍未能返回自己的家園。 (請在此點擊 “同軛手記” 參閱李牧師在探視災情期間的深切思考和反省 。)
美加華浸聯㑹將籌集資金向受淹水影響的休斯頓華浸教會的家庭在聖誕節期間發送禮物表達對他們的関懷及愛䕶。 籍着禱告求神感動你和你的教會在此事上有奉献的負擔。 在接下來的幾個星期內,奉獻信件將會寄出给牧師和教會。 若果你可以奉獻一杯“溫暖的茶”捐款, 你可以將捐款送到您所在國家的辦公室地址。

CBF USA and Canada
US Office: 141 E Duarte Road, Arcadia, CA, 91006, USA
Canadian Office: 10 Waterbridge Lane, Markham, Ontario, L3R 8W9 Canada

Please click here to see Pastor Amos’ musings and reflections in “A Yokefellow’s Chronicle – Amazingly Loved!” on his recent visit to his former church.
請在此點擊 “同軛手記 – 承蒙厚愛、滿懷驚訝” 參閱李牧師返回自己所屬教㑹時深切感受和反思 。