May 19, 2024

派志願者來休斯頓應付救災工作Sending volunteers to assist disaster relief effort in Houston, TX

A letter from Rev. Jeremy Sin, North American Mission Board, to Rev. Amos Lee

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徳州風災水淹,為休斯頓地區帶來極大破壞和傷害,救災工作需要大量志願者。休斯頓第一浸信會在未來數月中每個禮拜預備為150 名志願者提供住宿和伙食,和分派工作。




Dear Pastor Lee:

The storm in Florida has caused many to forget the urgent need for volunteer teams in Houston. Houston’s First Baptist Church is prepared to receive, house, feed and deploy 150 volunteers every week over the next months.

Could you let Chinese churches in your area to consider sending volunteers as early as next week to meet this pressing need and opportunity?

Below are some details and ways to response. I am ready to answer your questions or point you in the right direction for answers.

Jeremy Sin
National Church Planting Catalyst
North American Mission Board
W: 770.410.6253 | C: 678.234.9020

請在 報名


  • 數以萬計的人需要幫助 (約 180,000 間房屋受水淹)
  • 數以百計的教會需要幫助 (在水災地區有 2,000 所美南浸信教會)


  • 住宿在教會,有些地方提供行軍床 (你可以攜帶行軍床或單人之充氣床褥)
  • 北美宣教部會提供 (膳食、淋浴安排、工作和工具 -如可以的話你可帶同你自己的工具。)
  • 你自己負責交通 (旅程的來回及當地的交通)
  • 無需經驗和訓練。當你到達時就地提供訓練。
  • 在需要時在工地會有人提供指導。


  • 為房屋和教堂清除泥漿
    • 評估需要;搬走家具、電器、地板、家居用品、灰板,和絕緣品等。
  • 隊長: 熟練工程承包商,已受訓之救災領袖
    • 督導志願者隊伍
  • 工地支援
    • 協助行政、盤點、庫存,和後勤工作。
    • 廚房支援,預備膳食、清理和清潔盤碗等。
  • 情緒和靈性關懷
    • 聆聽並安慰傷痛的人,合宜地分享只有在耶穌基督才有的盼望。
  • 參加福音對話挑戰– (GC – 60)
    • 與人進行福音對話
    • 藉分享你的福音對話,鼓勵其他信徒

聯絡中心: 800-634-2462

Send Relief has an opportunity for your church to respond to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey
Sign up at

Basic Stats:

Thousands of people need help (approximately 180,000 homes flooded)
Hundreds of churches need help (almost 2,000 SBC churches in the flood area)

Infrastructure in place:

  • Sleep in churches, cots provided at some locations (you may bring cots or single air mattresses)
  • Send Relief will provide (meals, showers, work assignments, and tools-bring your own if possible.)
  • Travel is your responsibility (to and from your home and while here)
  • No experience/training necessary. Onsite orientation provided once you arrive
  • Leadership will be onsite to provide any instruction needed

Ministry Opportunities

  • Mud-out homes and churches
    • Assess needs; remove furniture, appliances, flooring, household items, sheetrock, insulation, etc.
  • Team leaders: Skilled contractors, Trained disaster leadership
    • Supervise volunteer work teams
  • Site Support
    • Assist in administration, inventory, warehouse, logistics
    • Kitchen support Preparing meals, cleaning, washing dishes, etc.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care
  • Provide a shoulder to cry on, hear their story, and share the hope that is found only in Christ appropriately
  • Participate in the Gospel Conversations Challenge – (GC – 60)
    • Have a Gospel Conversation with someone
    • Encourage other believers by sharing about your Gospel Conversation

Sign up at
Connection Center: 800-634-2462