May 25, 2024

Finishing Well Webinars

Finishing Well: Part One – A Story of One Church’s Journey

February 8 2021
What makes us break the silence, face the shame and bring about recovery?
Sharing by Pastor Steve Quen

Finishing Well: Part Two – Prevention for the Church

February 22 2021
Gatekeeping, warning signs, accountability and reporting, healthy community and teamwork

Finishing Well: Part Three – Prevention for Church Staff and Volunteers

March 8 2021
Dimensions of personal health, coping with brokenness and addictive behaviors, emotional, marital and spiritual
Interview with Pastor Tryphena Law, PLUC Malaysia

Finishing Well: Part Four – Restoration

March 22 2021
Restoration of fallen leaders, care for victims and support for the community, Biblical Mandates for Pastors
Interview with Pastor Sylvia Quah, PLUC Malaysia