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Prayer Link 聯手禱告 02-18-2020

Prayer Link
(Updated February 18, 2020)

1. The 21st Biennial Conference – September 29-October 1 2020

a. Praise God for the local Arrangement Committee drawn from Pastors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pray for them as they meet and plan for the Conference.
b. Praise God for His provision of Dr. David Allen as the Keynote Speaker for the Conference. Dr. Allen is the Dean of the School of Preaching, Distinguished Professor of Preaching, Director of the Center for Expository Preaching, and holds the George W. Truett Chair of the Pastoral Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas.
c. Pray for the Conference that it would accomplish its theme – “The Pathway to Spiritual Maturity” – in helping participants discover the secret to spiritual maturity and to help brothers and sisters in the church grow towards spiritual maturity.
d. Registration for the Conference is now opened. Pray for a good attendance. Click here to register and for more information of the Conference.
e. Pray for the recruitment of Workshop Leaders for the Conference for both the Chinese and English Tracks.
f. Praise God for motel accommodation at special rates in the Milpitas/San Jose California area near the venue of the meeting. Negotiations with other motels are in progress. Continue to pray that more rooms at special rates be made available to us.

2. Church Planting Initiative

a. Praise God for the church planters who serve faithfully and tirelessly in the more than 70 churches, Bible Study mission points, and fellowship groups each week.
b. Pray for the people they have reached and continue to reach for the Kingdom through preaching, teaching and caring for those in their communities.
c. Praise God for our good working relationship with NAMB as we collaborate in planting more Chinese Baptist churches.
d. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers into His harvest field. We have a great need for church planters.
e. Praise God for the start of two new church plants in the San Francisco Bay Area in the last several months.

3. Care of Ministers Ministry

a. Praise God for the very uplifting time the wives of ministers had at their very first Retreat held at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel towards the end of last year. Continue to remember the wives of ministers as they minister in the churches. Click here for a report of the event.
b. Praise God for the Fellowship’s ministry to pastors and their wives for their mental and emotional well-being. If you as a minister or if you know of other Chinese Baptist ministers who need psychotherapy assistance, please let Pastor Amos know. We will do all we can to help. All information and help given will be kept in the strictest confidence.
c. Pray for pastors who have family in China facing the COVID-19 epidemic there. Pray for peace in their hearts and healing for their family members. (Please click here to view the “Guidance to Churches” and the current Chinese Baptist Fellowship Response to the COVID-19 epidemic.)

4. English/NextGen Ministry

a. Praise God for the additional focus of the English/NextGen Ministry in CBF.
b. Pray for Pastor William Eng, Pastor Francis Chung, and Pastor Conrad Au who are leading this ministry.
c. Pray for the team as they seek to reach out to churches and pastors in developing their English ministry.

5. The Health of Churches

a. Pray for good working relationships between ministers and their leaders as they serve together in ministry.
b. Pray for the discipling and equipping emphasis of each church that will help believers to become more Christ-like as they grow in their love for God and people.
c. Pray for an effective pulpit ministry that is God focused, Bible centered and relevant for life.
d. Pray for Pastors who serve faithfully each week as they fulfill the calling God has for them in ministry. May God bless them to have strength from on high to serve His church.
e. Pray for leaders in the churches as they seek wisdom and understanding to discern the times and to make changes in their ministry focus and structure in order to be more effective in BE-ING what God wants them to BE in reaching their communities for Christ.
f. Pray for churches that are in need of ministers. Pray that in the search process that they will use that as an opportunity for spiritual growth as they assess their ministry needs, discern who they are looking for, seek the Lord for His provision and keep their eyes open to see who the Lord might lead them to.
g. Praise God that we have several experienced retired Chinese Baptist pastors who are available for ministers and leaders to consult with if their churches need help in revitalizing, regrouping, and relaunching. The consultation is free. Please contact Pastor Amos.

6. Executive Director Pastor Amos

a. Pray for his ministry among the churches.
b. Pray for his health.

(2020 年2月18日更新)

1. 第廿一屆美加雙年會-2020年9月29日至10月1日
a. 為雙年會一班在三藩市灣區組成的教牧同工「籌備委員會」禱告。
b. 為大會主題講員David Allen博士感恩。Allen博士是德州西南浸信會神學院講道學院的主任,講道學的傑出教授,釋經講道中心主任,並George W. Truett 教牧關懷榮譽教授。他將幫助我們使用 “文本主導” 方法來傳講和教導希伯來書
c. 為大會參加者按著主題,能找出靈命成熟的秘訣而且學習如何幫助弟兄姊妹靈命得成熟代禱。
d. 報名現在已開始。為教牧同工, 教會領袖及弟兄姊妹踴躍報名參加代禱。請點擊這裡得到更多有關資訊。
e. 為大會邀請中英文工作坊的講員代禱。
f. 為大會已按排的優惠旅館房間感恩。我們還要繼續按排更多優惠旅館房間,請代禱。

2. 植堂事工
a. 為我們的植堂傳道人在70多間教會的查經班及團契,忠心服事讚美神。為接觸到没有機會聽到福音的人禱告。
b. 為他們每天傳講福音, 教導信徒,接觸人群及関心社區禱告。
c. 為美加華浸與美南NAMB在植堂事工友好的合作讚美神。 我們在多方面彼此配搭,栽植更多華人浸信教會。
d. 求莊稼的主派工人去收割祂的莊稼。我們非常缺乏栽植同工。
e. 為最近幾個月在北加州三藩市灣區成立兩間新的植堂事工感謝神。

3. 教牧關懷
a. 為 40位師母 參加第一屆「師母退修會」感恩。這退修會在去年年底在三藩市灣區San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel舉行。繼續為一班師母在教會的事奉代禱。請點擊閱讀這活動的報告。
b. 請為關懷事工小組, 今年計劃關心牧者及師母心理健康代禱。如果您本人或您知道其他華人浸信會傳道人需要心理治療/輔導幫助,請告知李英柏牧師。 我們將盡力提供幫助。 提供的所有信息和幫助將被嚴格保密。
c. 為本地的傳道人在中國的家人面對被COVID-19肺炎病毒感染禱告。 為他們內心的平安祈禱,也為家人康復代禱。(請 點擊 查看COVID-19肺炎毒菌感染流行病《教會指南》和美加華浸對這疫情當前的回應。)

4. 英文/下一代事工
a. 為在二十屆年議會所設立這個事奉,成為聯會事工重點之一讚美神。
b. 為這事工領導團隊代禱:伍偉濂牧師,鍾惠賢牧師和區康華牧師。
c. 求主給他們智慧來接觸教牧同工及帮助他們發展英語/下一代事工。

5. 教㑹的康健
a. 為教牧同工之間及他們與教會領袖之間有良好的關係,同心在主的事工上有美好的配搭禱告。
b. 為教㑹在安排培訓及裝備的事工上能幫助信徒更像耶稣基督,愛神愛人的心代禱。
c. 為教㑹講壇的事奉更加能够讓焦點放在神的話語上及實際生活化禱告。
d. 為教㑹教牧同工每天忠心的擺上感恩代禱。求神賜福他们給他们有從天而來的能力。
e. 為教牧同工及教會領袖們「…通曉時勢和知道當怎樣…」帶動教會面對社會的變化,而改變事奉的方向及結構,使教會更加有效地發揮教會的功能。
f. 為需要傳道人的教會禱告。 為他們正在尋求過程中, 了解到教會的需要, 認定誰是適合的人選, 等候主的帶領及供應, 藉着這時刻帶來教會會眾一個成長的靈程。
g. 讚美神,我們有幾位資深及退休華人浸信會牧師 ,願意幫助教會重組、重新、重建。教會若有需要,他們樂意來貴教會與牧者及長執一起協商。 這諮詢是免費的。 請與李英柏牧師聯繫。

6. 總幹事李英柏牧師

a. 為他在各教會中的事奉代禱。
b. 繼續為他的健康仰望神。